The international partnerships of FDF are mainly organized through two umbrella organizations; European Fellowship (EF) which is an ecumenical youth organization and FIMCAP which is a Catholic youth organization. Further, FDF is part of Global Fellowship.

If you are interested in learning more about our international partnerships, you are welcome to contact the international secretary of FDF.

European Fellowship is an umbrella organisation for Christian youth organisations from Europe. By cooperating, providing support, and guiding the organisations, European Fellowship works towards its main purpose: supporting Christian youth work across the globe. European Fellowship organises and facilitates training courses, camps, and exchanges that generate intercultural experiences for all.

FIMCAP is a global organisation for Catholic youth organisations. It has 36 member organisations from 27 different countries on four continents. FIMCAP is divided into four regions and FDF is a part of the European branch of FIMCAP, also known as FIMCAP Europe.

Global Fellowship is an umbrella organisation for more than 60 Christian youth organisations that cover most of the world. The mission statement of Global Fellowship is: ”by uniting, serving, and supporting Christian youth organisations across the globe, Global Fellowship will assist its member organisations in accomplishing their goals for young people in society and church.”