From the 4th to 6th of November 2022 we will meet in Amsterdam and hunt down The Golden Tulip.

During the weekend there will be challenges where you will be forced to cooperate with them to have a chance to win The Golden Tulip. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that this competition can be easily won by your vast experience. There are challenges that will defy what you know, and think is possible in Amsterdam.

No matter the result, you will return to your home with a new adventure to tell everyone of, and you will have experiences and ideas that you can utilize at home. You will meet new people and get friendships Cross Cultures and borders.

Go grab some friends so you are a group of 4-7 people(inclusive teamleader) in the age of 15-25 years. The team leader must be 18+, no upper age limit.


Regestration fee is 200 euro per person. It covers: All activities, movement around Amsterdam, lodging from 4th-6th of November, food during the event, and everything else needed to complete the event. It is expected that the whole group arrive at a spot (made public later) at Friday the 4th of november before midnight.

Earlier free busses between Amsterdam and Denmark was promised however due to a change in circumstances out of our control this is no longer the case. BE AWARE transportation to and from Amsterdam is your own responsibility and not included in the price.

The event finishes Sunday at 12.00 after which you are free to explore the diverse Dutch food outlets. Be mindful. That means you cannot catch a train at 12.01. You are more than welcome to arrive before and depart at a later point if you so wish.


Deadline for signing up to the event is the 1st of October.

If you have any qouestions please contact the project leader on

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